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Our Diversity makes us unique

One Love aims at bring people across races and social classes together to forget about their difference to share, network, exchange culture and talent amongst one another through their music, food and creative engagement as a means of harmony, peace and unity to the community. A platform where everyone is free to express his or her cultural identity.


Our Mission

To restore harmony, peace and unity to people and communities regardless of their ethnic background via their culture, Arts, Music and Food in Hong Kong.

Our Vision

Build a community in Hong Kong where all individual and communities across different race are seen together sharing, educating, empowering and equipping each other through their culture, music and Food and celebrate cultural diversity as means harmony peace and unity

Our Values

One Love is a concept about harmonizing the community, bringing peace to community and unifying the community via culture. One Love is an unconditional love regardless of skin color, religion and ethnic background.

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